Hello and welcome to Rachel’s Music Studio where anyone can learn music!

A private home-studio based in Albany, North Shore

Lessons offered include :

  • Piano (classical, improvisation, accompaniment)
  • Theory and Aural (ABRSM / Trinity)
  • Accompaniment (instrumental, vocal, choral)
  • Chamber music coaching
  • 30min or 1-hour lessons

My main purpose and objective are to create an open environment for musicians to share ideas and appreciate music. Anything you need will be catered for such as grade exams, school composition assignment, school solo performance, high school chamber music competition, church hymnal accompaniment and much more. If you are not a performer, you can still learn the piano just as a hobby to relieve some stress in this busy world. Remember, music is for everyone! Book a free trial lesson today and discuss how we can integrate music into your life.

Available hours:

  • 10am – 3pm for daytime students (adults)
  • 3.30pm – 8pm for afterschool students
  • 9am – 6pm (students only)

Lesson Scheme

Lesson Scheme

Whether you are a complete beginner or a transfer student from another teacher, you are all welcome.

Lesson scheme cannot be limited by a fixed date plan because one size does not fit all. Everyone learns at a different pace and each lesson is an interactive experience. It is almost like improvising! But we have a general guideline such as improving on technique, artistry, performance and theory, and all are equally important components of music learning which will be covered in the lessons.

Piano Adventures, Bastien, Bayer or Alfred methods are used in my lessons for beginner to intermediate students, and I slowly incorporate additional repertoires to make a transition to advanced level.

To finish off a great year, you will be given an opportunity to perform in a house concert with a real audience to experience performance.

Theory Made Easy by Lina Ng or ABRSM theory workbook is used for theory lessons.

For adults, you can begin with Piano Adventure for Adults or other easy contemporary repertoires based on what your preferred genre is. I am extremely flexible to accommodate what you wish to learn.

Price Scheme

Price Scheme

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30 min trial lesson

One-off piano lesson

$70 (1 hour)

Piano lesson whole term enrolment

$32.50 (30 min)

$65 (1hour)

Payment upon advance. Once enrolled and lesson day/time is fixed, it is set for the whole term. 24-hour cancellation policy applies and fees are non-refundable for last-minute cancellations. In case of cancellation with notice, makeup lessons will be arranged on other days.

Enrolment form click to download

Accompaniment with theory and/or aural

$60 (1 hour) for rehearsal at Rachel’s Music Studio

$70 (1 hour) for visiting (inc. exam and concert)

Daytime adult’s special package
  • Trial Package: 5 lessons $275 (rate of $55 per hour)
  • Intro Package: 10 lessons $500 (rate of $50 per hour)
    *2 people can join the intro package and share lessons
  • Advanced Package: 15 lessons $675 (rate of $45 per hour)
    *3 people can join the intro package and share lessons
  • Serious Learner Package: 20 lessons $800 (rate of $40 per hour)
    *4 people can join the intro package and share lessons

Payment upon advance. Day/time will not be fixed; each lesson by booking an appointment. 24-hour cancellation policy applies and fees are non-refundable for last-minute cancellations.

Mate’s rates Let’s talk over a coffee on you

Book Now

Book your lesson now

  1. (If this is your first ever booking, please select 30 min trial lesson)
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  3. Click on the date and select a green dot for your next appointment. If you are on your device, please tap the DATE before you tap the green dot
  4. Remember to include your mobile number
  5. You will get a confirmation email. Address of the studio will be sent as a text message.
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Frequently asked questions

Q: Why is the adult lesson less expensive than student’s lessons?
A: Uni students are poor and parents are always busy with family, so I wanted to make music lessons more accessible for adults at an affordable rate.

Q: Cool, how do I book an adult’s lesson?
A: You must first book for 30min trial lesson at the Book Now tab. Further lesson day/time can be booked during the trial lesson, by text message, email or online booking system. Once you purchase a package, you will be given a loyalty card (yes, like the coffee card) which is stamped per lesson.

Q: Can I decide to not continue with further lessons after the trial lesson?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Do you provide visiting lessons?
A: Unfortunately not at this point, because there will be students before and after you and I cannot leave the studio.

Q: Then why do you offer to visit accompaniment rehearsal?
A: Because the student’s instrumental teacher usually requires the student to come to their place, and concert or grade exams are held in set venues.

Q: Do you accept cash payment?
A: Yes but not ideally. Rachel’s Music Studio is a sole trader business which is transparent and pays the exact amount of tax every year, so bank transfer would be ideal.


Health and safety information regarding COVID-19

We are all going through tough times right now and must take active precautions to stop the spread of the virus.

In order to aid the current situation, a free hand sanitiser will always be available in the studio and the piano will be constantly cleaned with disinfectant spray.

I’m playing live piano music on Instagram live Monday-Saturday 9.30-10 pm NZ time during the COVID-10 lockdown period, so add me (Instagram: rachelsingasong) and listen to some calm piano music before you go to bed 😀 Requests are always welcome!

Furthermore, Skype or Zoom online lessons are available. It’s just like a normal lesson but in your own comfortable lounge! 😀

Please download either of the apps on your iPad or laptop and add me. Let’s pick a suitable time (which doesn’t have to be our normal lesson time).

You can find me through these directories:




021 0271 0704

You can find me through these directories:




021 0261 0704


Please stay safe and let us hope this ends very soon!