• Anawhata beach 30-12-2017

This is my (second because I stupidly and accidentally deleted my first) website to record and exhibit the things I do.

Many things happen in my life - I love music, I love art, fashion, knitting, baking, cooking, photography, hiking, exploring, waterfalls.. theses are just some of the things I love and do on a regular basis. In order to keep a record of these (not just on my iPhone) and share with other people on the world wide web, I've decided to make a website.

Moreover, this space is to sell some of my arrangements and transcriptions of music so people in need can use it and I can make money. Win-win!

(Also, I sell knitted hats but that's not really important)

So while you're here (whether by coincidently or deliberately), do explore around and find something that might interest you even in the slightest.